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Thus, this employee performance software can benefit an entrepreneur in many ways. We are in the world of technology that is pushing us to focus on highlighting the importance of security. It has helped a lot to monitor employee activity on a regular basis. The artificial intelligence technology has made companies become extremely conscious of security threats and risks within their own workplace and the world of employee monitoring has risen into a vast industry. Configuration wizards take you through the process of setting up your monitoring environment and managing your service promptly.

Top 10 free tools for network monitoring and analysis

A particularly interesting addition is that of capacity planning graphs. These graphs allow you to plan for when you need to upscale your IT infrastructure in the future. Capacity planning is an essential part of ensuring long-term uptime and evolving alongside your needs. Nagios XI also offers a unique feature in the form of multi-tenant access. This feature allows multi-user access which segments network infrastructure and allows users to see only those devices they are authorized to view.

This feature is particularly useful in larger organizations where a range of staff have access and responsibility to deal with certain systems. Organizations searching for a network monitoring tool that is easy to use would be well advised to download Nagios XI. Both Nagios Core and Nagios XI can be extended by add-ons that are available from the user community and a long list of third -party applications can be integrated into the tool.

There is also a free version which can be downloaded that is limited to monitoring 7 nodes. The free version can be downloaded from this link here. The traverse platform also performs network flow analysis.

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The user interface has been designed to enable the user to switch from a system view to a device-level view. The device-level view helps to make the process of troubleshooting much easier when responding to poor performance. Traverse also has its own predictive analytics feature. Predictive analytics uses the historical data of physical and cloud-based infrastructure to provision future resource maintenance. This helps to address performance issues in their minority before they become a problem. Over the long term, this results in reduced usage. Traverse also offers real-time and historical reporting.

You can create customized reports based on performance and faults. These reports can be as simple or complex as you need, from basic tables right through to complex graphs showing the data of multiple devices.

In order to see the price of Kaseya Traverse you need to fill out a form and request a quote from the sales team. However, there is a free trial available here. This is a tool that was designed specifically for monitoring a diverse enterprise environment.

All network monitoring is conducted through the dashboard. On the dashboard picture above your network devices are color coded according to their availability. You can click on the grey boxes to elaborate on various factors throughout your network, from ping availability to disk and interface utilization without leaving the dashboard. All of the information you see is updated in real-time. There is also the facility to add additional elements like reports to the dashboard.

This is useful because it allows the user to customize their user experience according to their needs. Alerts can be configured to notify the user when significant network events happen through SMS and email. One of the things that set WhatsUp Gold apart from the competition is its support for hybrid cloud monitoring and web monitoring. The extensive monitoring capability of WhatsUp Gold allows you to monitor enterprise environments with a substantial range of physical and virtual infrastructure. The version builds on this by also adding AWS and Azure services to the mix as well.

WhatsUp Gold is a product that should be considered by organizations who need to monitor physical and virtual infrastructure. This tool is available on a number of perpetual licenses and subscription plans. You have to request a quote in order to get a price for the perpetual licenses. There is also a free trial which can be downloaded from here. Zenoss is one of the lesser known network monitoring solutions on this list.

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However, what Zenoss lacks in notoriety it makes up for with its potent network monitoring potential. This is a versatile baseline through which to view a larger network. A free, open source edition of Zenoss is available.

Best Network Monitoring Software:

This is called Zenoss Core. Unfortunately, the setup process is needlessly complex — you need to use the command line in order to install it. There are two paid versions of Zenoss , which are much easier to use. These are Zenoss Cloud , which is an online hosted service, and Zenoss On Premises , which is available for download. You can receive alerts when specific events happen on your network but that is not all.

This is ideal for large organizations where staff can be difficult to reach as it makes sure that performance issues are resolved in time. Overall Zenoss is easy to use but let down by the complex installation procedure. This is mitigated somewhat by extensive usage documentation, but it is still more complex than the competition.

You can download Zenoss Core here. You will need to join the Zenoss Community in order to access the download link. For smaller businesses with less intensive requirements, Datadog is a program that has plenty to offer. Datadog can conduct real-time performance monitoring across your network and log data.

Visually, Datadog is quite good. You can drag and drop elements such as charts and graphs onto the dashboard in order to customize your view.

You can also view metrics such as latency and utilization to scrutinize your network performance. One of our favorite features was collaborative comments. Multiple members of staff can comment on individual graphs to run troubleshooting and solve problems in real-time. This allows you to find a solution to performance issues without stepping foot off the platform. Datadog has its own alerts system as well. You can set thresholds and uptime notifications so that you know when your service is performing at its best. You can also send these alerts to individual team members through Slack.

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There is a free version of Datadog available that allows you to monitor up to five hosts. There is also a free trial available. OP5 Monitor is an open source network connection monitoring solution that can keep up with most other products on this list. You can manage your network environment through the perspective of customized dashboards with unique graphs, maps and notifications to elaborate on your network performance. One area where OP5 Monitor is particularly strong is that of automation. There is an automated event handler which can be configured to heal automatically when hit with a network fault.

When self-healing, OP5 Monitor can restart or change the configuration of a device depending on what is needed.

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OP5 Monitor also has its own reporting function. Each report is fully customizable and can be accessed through the dashboard.

Reports range from availability reports to SLA reports. This is useful from both a pragmatic and regulatory compliance standpoint. Unfortunately, you need to contact OP5 directly in order to receive a price quote.

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