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Probably not.

Sealite GSM Cell-Phone Monitor & Control System

Here, you can turn off Location Reporting and Location History. Location Reporting feeds your location data to various apps, while Location History stores your whereabouts for future use in searches and software like Google Now. Shut the phone down completely and remove the battery. If you need access to any data on your phone, back it up to a PC before you power down your device.

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G318 Detector

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It helps me guardian my children in the stormy sea of internet. The app is ostensibly intended for legal monitoring use, and there are certainly legitimate reasons to install the software. You can check out all the radio waves around you with this app; Wireless signals in AR. Navigation menu? What is mspy? During the process of forcing connections from all compatible cellular devices in a given area, the StingRay operator needs to determine which device is the desired surveillance target. The StingRay downloads this data directly from the device using radio waves. When this is the case, the operator will download the IMSI or equivalent identifier from each device as it connects to the StingRay.

In other cases, the IMSI or equivalent identifier of a target is not known to the StingRay operator and the goal of the surveillance operation is to identify one or more cellular devices being used in a known area. After identifying the phones, locating and tracking operations can be conducted, and service providers can be forced to turn over account information identifying the phone users. Cellular telephones are radio transmitters and receivers much like a walkie-talkie.

However, the cell phone communicates only with a repeater inside a nearby cell tower installation. At that installation, the devices take in all cell calls in its geographic area and repeat them out to other cell installations which repeat the signals onward to their destination telephone either by radio or landline wires.

The two-way duplex phone conversation then exists via these interconnections. To make all that work correctly, the system allows automatic increases and decreases in transmitter power for the individual cell phone and for the tower repeater, too so that only the minimum transmit power is used to complete and hold the call active, "on", and allows the users to hear and be heard continuously during the conversation. The goal is to hold the call active but use the least amount of transmitting power, mainly to conserve batteries and be efficient.

The tower system will sense when a cell phone is not coming in clearly and will order the cell phone to boost transmit power. The user has no control over this boosting; it may occur for a split second or for the whole conversation. If the user is in a remote location, the power boost may be continuous. In addition to carrying voice or data, the cell phone also transmits data about itself automatically, and that is boosted or not as the system detects need. Encoding of all transmissions ensures that no cross talk or interference occurs between two nearby cell users.

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  • The boosting of power, however, is limited by the design of the devices to a maximum setting. The standard systems are not "high power" and thus can be overpowered by secret systems using much more boosted power that can then take over a user's cell phone.

    Signal jammer - Cell phone jammer - WIFI jammer - GPS Jammer - radio frequency blocker.

    If overpowered that way, a cell phone will not indicate the change due to the secret radio being programmed to hide from normal detection. The ordinary user can not know if their cell phone is captured via overpowering boosts or not. There are other ways of secret capture that need not overpower, too. Just as a person shouting drowns out someone whispering, the boost in RF watts of power into the cell telephone system can overtake and control that system—in total or only a few, or even only one, conversation. This strategy requires only more RF power, and thus it is more simple than other types of secret control.

    Power boosting equipment can be installed anywhere there can be an antenna, including in a vehicle, perhaps even in a vehicle on the move. Once a secretly boosted system takes control, any manipulation is possible from simple recording of the voice or data to total blocking of all cell phones in the geographic area.

    The media centre

    A StingRay can be used to identify and track a phone or other compatible cellular data device even while the device is not engaged in a call or accessing data services. A Stingray closely resembles a portable cellphone tower. Typically, law enforcement officials place the Stingray in their vehicle with a compatible computer software.

    Hunting for Radio Frequency Interference

    The Stingray acts as a cellular tower to send out signals to get the specific device to connect to it. Cell phones are programmed to connect with the cellular tower offering the best signal. When the phone and Stingray connect, the computer system determines the strength of the signal and thus the distance to the device.

    Then, the vehicle moves to another location and sends out signals until it connects with the phone. When the signal strength is determined from enough locations, the computer system centralizes the phone and is able to find it. Cell phones are programmed to constantly search for the strongest signal emitted from cell phone towers in the area. Over the course of the day, most cell phones connect and reconnect to multiple towers in an attempt to connect to the strongest, fastest, or closest signal.

    Because of the way they are designed, the signals that the Stingray emits are far stronger than those coming from surrounding towers. From there, the stingray is capable of locating the device, interfering with the device, and collecting personal data from the device. The FBI has claimed that when used to identify, locate, or track a cellular device, the StingRay does not collect communications content or forward it to the service provider.

    On August 21, , Senator Ron Wyden noted that Harris Corporation confirmed that Stingrays disrupt the targeted phone's communications. By way of software upgrades, [29] [30] the StingRay and similar Harris products can be used to intercept GSM communications content transmitted over-the-air between a target cellular device and a legitimate service provider cell site. The StingRay does this by way of the following man-in-the-middle attack : 1 simulate a cell site and force a connection from the target device, 2 download the target device's IMSI and other identifying information, 3 conduct "GSM Active Key Extraction" [29] to obtain the target device's stored encryption key, 4 use the downloaded identifying information to simulate the target device over-the-air, 5 while simulating the target device, establish a connection with a legitimate cell site authorized to provide service to the target device, 6 use the encryption key to authenticate the StingRay to the service provider as being the target device, and 7 forward signals between the target device and the legitimate cell site while decrypting and recording communications content.

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    • A GSM phone encrypts all communications content using an encryption key stored on its SIM card with a copy stored at the service provider. This weaker encryption cypher can be cracked in real-time. A rogue base station can force unencrypted links, if supported by the handset software. In such cases the phone display could indicate the use of an unsafe link - but the user interface software in most phones does not interrogate the handset's radio subsystem for use of this insecure mode nor display any warning indication. By "passive mode," it is meant that the StingRay does not mimic a wireless carrier cell site or communicate directly with cellular devices.

      A StingRay and a test phone can be used to conduct base station surveys, which is the process of collecting information on cell sites, including identification numbers, signal strength, and signal coverage areas.


      Smartphone Surveillance And Tracking Techniques

      When conducting base station surveys, the StingRay mimics a cell phone while passively collecting signals being transmitted by cell-sites in the area of the StingRay. Base station survey data can be used to further narrow the past locations of a cellular device if used in conjunction with historical cell site location information "HCSLI" obtained from a wireless carrier. HCSLI includes a list of all cell sites and sectors accessed by a cellular device, and the date and time each access was made.

      Law enforcement will often obtain HCSLI from wireless carriers in order to determine where a particular cell phone was located in the past. Once this information is obtained, law enforcement will use a map of cell site locations to determine the past geographical locations of the cellular device. However, the signal coverage area of a given cell site may change according to the time of day, weather, and physical obstructions in relation to where a cellular device attempts to access service.

      The maps of cell site coverage areas used by law enforcement may also lack precision as a general matter. For these reasons, it is beneficial to use a StingRay and a test phone to map out the precise coverage areas of all cell sites appearing in the HCSLI records.

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