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XySpy is an outstanding mobile phone monitoring app that is built for tracking the activity of a targerts smartphone from any of your devices without letting her know about it. The app basically gives you the complete access of the target smartphone.

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Apart from monitoring your girlfriend activity on her phone, XySpy app can also help you keep an eye on your employees at the workplace to make sure that everyone is working during the office hours. Other than a couple or an employer, concerned parents can also take help from this app to watch over their kids and protect them from the dark side of the internet that is not good for your kids.

With the help of XySpy you can make sure that they stay away from the pornography, online predators, cyberbullying and other threats.

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XySpy app is an advanced app that offers various features that you can use to spy on your girlfriend. Below mentioned are some of the best features of XySpy app. The app is created with the advanced code that gives it the power to read all the encrypted messages. The app also lets you access the location of your girlfriend so that you can make sure that she is not lying.

Account Options

If you want to use XySpy app to make sure that your girlfriend is not lying to you, then all you have to do is follow the below mentioned steps. Now as the app is available on both the Android and iOS devices there are two different methods to set up the app in both Android and iOS devices separately. The setup process is very simple and very fast. Simply by putting the name to identify the owner of the phone on the setup page and then selecting the operating system is all that you have to do. In order to start using this app, first, you have to do is create a new account on their website.

To do so, go to XySpy website and create an account.

This is an important process so make sure to use your real information and an official email address. After finishing the installation process, there is nothing for you to do. Leave the phone back from where you picked it up. The would have started working by now.

Where it might take few seconds before starting up, but after that, you can check all her activities remotely.

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With the help of this app, you can easily view all the call logs and text messages history. You can even listen to the live call and record it for future. With the help of its advanced features like ambient listening, you can listen to the sounds they are surrounded by.

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  • The app will give you the complete access to their phone which means you can get into their gallery and see their pictures, videos, calendars memos, etc. Not just viewing you can even delete or download stuff from their phone. The app will basically give you the remote access over her phone. Other than couples, concerned parents can also take advantage of this app. However, with the ever-growing network of mobile based applications, our lifestyle is gradually changing.

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    You can now easily witness the growing problems in the relationship and people find it difficult to trust their partners. If you had ever witnessed some texts on her phone sent by a stranger, or have ever caught her taking on the phone, when you were not around, if she operated on dating apps like tinder, then these are the clear signs that she is cheating on you.

    A lot of you might consider using a mobile phone monitoring app ask risky and trust-breaking, however, it is said that prevention is better than cure. Before she starts cheating on you and breaks your heart, you must do something to save your relationship. Gone are the days where people used to rely on traditional methods of the following someone, now both of you have got no time to stay with one another anytime.

    App to Spy on Girlfriend | Free Apps to Spy on Other Phones iPhone

    Thus, when you are at your home or office, and she is not with you, find out her actins with the help of our credible software. So, these were just a few features that FreePhoneSpy app has got. Our app is highly compatible with both iPhone and android phones.

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